Candle making

Is there any shop in Hong Kong (or Kowloon for that matter) that specializes in hobby supplies such as for candle making, paper mache and so on? If anyone knows of any such shop I would appreciate a post with their address and contact number. Thanks.

crafty stuff

Hi fredl;

You might want to try Spotlight in the new Megabox mall in Kowloon Bay. I've visited the store, but can't remember if it's got candle making stuff, but I do know it had by far the largest collection of craft supplies I've ever seen in HK.

Mr Tall

re.: crafty stuff

Been to Spotlight already, its mostly a DIY shop for those who want to do a bit of home renovation on their own. I believe Spotlight is out of the UK...kind of a funny shop to open in HKG considering nobody has a garage full of power tools or even the space to store any DIY stuff other thna maybe changing a door lock or kitchen faucet. No artsy crafty stuff though.