Children's bicycle

I'd like to get a 2nd hand bicycle for my 6 year old daughter (size 16"). I don't want a new / expensive one since in HK she'll outgrow it before she's used it much.  The usual suspects (geo expat / asiaxpat) have nothing on offer.  Any other suggestions?

New bike ok?

One of the problems of moving overseas with young children is missing out on the flow of hand-me-down stuff from friends & family. On the plus side, at least here it's easy to get cheap new stuff from China.

Second hand? maybe try calling/visiting the shops run by Oxfam or Salvation Army to see if they get bikes at all?

We bought a 14" bike for MissB's birthday in July. It cost under $500 from the Hop On (great name!) bicycle shop, 17 Pok Fu Lam Rd (down the hill from Hong Kong University), so they might be worth a visit too.