Just come home

I've just come home to the UK after my third holiday in HK. It was ten years since i was last there. As the adverts say. Hong Kong,Live it Love it!
I discovered the Old China Hand this trip and made it the last place to have a drink before I left.
I will return !
Howard :D

Re:Just come home

Howard, glad to hear you had a good time here. I'm curious to know what left the greatest impressions on you - apart from the Old China Hand !

I went back to the UK for a three-week holiday this Summer, my first visit for a couple of years. The quiet certainly struck me. Even when staying with friends in Bristol it was very quiet in the evening, and in my hometown it seemed silent. Walking around I was surprised by the number of overweight people who were using walking sticks, and the teenage couples comparing their babies and the huge pushchairs they were carried in. Then talking to people there seemed to be a lot more variety in after-work hobbies and activities than we see here.

How's it like from the other point of view ?