Goods in storage: Wellpack

Our entire household goods and personal effects have been in storage for the last 12 months with a mob named Wellpack and have disappeared from the storage site just as we were to get them out. Wellpack's Miss Ko claims they were taken by person/s she knows. This is possibly the owner of the storage facility who she may have failed to pay. The whole story could also be a fabrication. Has anyone else had such an experience with this company, or heard of something similar?? We are now receiving a demand for the amount of the 12 months' payment we have already made for the goods to be tracked down and returned but we think we should be going to the police. We would appreciate any advice more experienced hong kongers may have. We just want all our wordly things back, and do not want to be victims of some fraudulent arrangement. Help please!! :x :cry:

Re:Goods in storage: Wellpack

MrsB suggests :
[quote]I agree that the lady should write a letter to Ms. Ko documenting everything. However, I'd also suggest that the lady goes to the police and have the case filed in the record anyway (unless police rejects it). If she wants to claim insurance, she would need the police record.

If the lady has a Cantonese speaking friend, it might be worth getting that person to talk to Ms. Ko before sending the letter. Maybe a local person can get a bit more out from Ms. Ko.[/quote]
In any case, don't pay another 12 months money, as there is no guarantee there won't just be some other excuse and a request for more money.

Good luck,