Need to Buy Canon Camera Leather Case for G9: Where to find please?


May I ask if you can direct me to where one might be able to find/purchase this SC-DC55A Leather Case for the G9 Canon?

I have family in Hong Kong and they can go to a store and purchase it for me. Ideally, Central would be the best location, but other places like TsimTsaTsui or Causeway Bay are OK too. Trying to find the item but not cause my relatives too much trouble/running around.

Alternatively, i can order it online and have it shipped locally to a Hong Kong address as well.

Thank you in advance!

Here are two pictures of this new case for the Model G9 (part number:    SC-DC55A):   (A =  Black Leather)


Thank you!

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Hi there,

Suggest you write to Canon Customer Care (Hong Kong) for and see if they have it locally. There contact information could be found here

The item you want to find appeared to be region specific. It might be available in a continent and not another. I was unable to find that part number in Canon HK's product search page.


Canon AD can order for you.

I once ordered a Fuji regional specific bag from the authorized dealer of fuji. It took a month but they can get it. I bet if you contact Canon HK, they can get it for you.

strange answer from Canon HK

Gents/Ladies:   i emailed AND called Canon HK's customer service line and their answer was: "...We are sorry to inform you that the leather case for G9 has not been lauched to Hong Kong market yet. The stock is not available at this moment.

Should you have any further inquiry, please feel free to contact us again at 3191-2333 or e-mail us back. "

 The implication is that they do not do special orders.   i will, of course, write them immediately now and hope that they will do a "special order" and ship to a local, Hong Kong address.   My family lives there.

 i did the same thing with Fuji and DID get a remarkably nice leather case that is Japan-specific, and Fuji was really nice about it.    i'd say they were more willing to do it than Canon appears to be!

 the jury's still out on Canon:  we'll see how they respond to my email now (it will probably take them till tomorrow due to the time difference.

any other advice?   thx so far! 

Maybe those are available in

Maybe those are available in a Canon Outlet.Or maybe the fastest way is try to look online.

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