Differences in Salaries

I hope you can help. I have been offered a job with a hotel company in HK. I am trying to work out what kind of salary to ask for. I know HK is very expensive but how does it compare to London? I read on batgung that the salaries are comparable (if you earn

more on salaries!

Today seems to be our day for salary questions!

First off, I guess that not all that much has changed since we wrote that London and HK costs of living were comparable. Housing here got quite a bit cheaper for a while, but now property prices are moving up again, and HK has never ceased being a big city with generally high prices.

I suggest you look through our Moving to HK FAQ section:


and also check out the want ads for the hotels industry in HK by browsing one or more of the websites linked at the end of the following article:


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Re:Differences in Salaries

This might also be useful to help you compare the cost of living: