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Are there any special requirements to obtain a multi entry visa into China? I would like to visit different places in China now that I live here. Before moving to Hong Kong, I was only able to get approval for double entry visas. It seems very redundant (and expensive) to apply every other time I want to cross the border. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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It's better if you look up their numbers and give them a call for further information:

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Last time my agent quoted these prices for UK or US passport holder).

6 Month multiple entry visa (TAKES 4 DAYS TO PROCESS)

With permanent H.K.I.D, 1-3 years visa is HKD1,680
Without permanent H.K.I.D, 1 year visa is HKD1,930

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I got a three-year multi-entry (I think I was quite lucky) using Hong Tak Travel (phone 3525 0788).

Note that you can ask for a multi-year, multi-entry visa, but you're not guaranteed to get one. Living in Hong Kong doesn't really qualify you; usually you have to show some pattern of repeated entries to get the long-term visa. Also, the PRC and USA engage in an ongoing and tedious low-level visa fee conflict; i.e., US citizens usually pay more and get worse conditions than people from most other countries.

Having said that, it's certainly worth a try, since I didn't really expect to get one myself, but it just sailed through. And it's certainly nice to have one, both in terms of saving some money and lots of hassle.

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Thanks for the information.

Thanks for the information.

I'll call travel agency. Never hurts to try! 

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YOu can just go to the chinese consulate, they're cheaper than a travel agent and they will tell you what's possible (fill in the form and tick the maximum box, and they just say - no you can only get ' whatever').    I think the way it works is that if you are on your first HK working visa (first year) you only get six months multiple entry and then when your HK visa is renewed you get brownie points and can get a year's multiple entry visa.  I think you need to be a permanent resident or have more brownie points if you want the 3 year visa...

As a dependent you don't get brownie points so quickly, so myself and the kids can only still get 6 month multiple entry visa ... 

1 year multiple entry

hmmm, this is curious...

I visited HK and China last November from US, but the only option the travel agent told us was a 1 year multiple entry as opposed to a single entry 3 month visa.  Which is what I end up getting, didn't know people were still getting 3 or 6 month visas...  maybe because I'm Chinese but holds a US Passport?  not sure...

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I may have to spend 1 year in China with very frequent trips to Hong Kong:

Is a simple “1 year multiple entries” visa sufficient, provided that I’d never stay more than 30 days in Mainland China?

Basically, I would be 3 weeks in Mainland China –> 1 week in Hongkong (or minimum 1 day) –> 3 weeks Mainland China –> 1 week HongKong (or minimum 1 day) –> etc…

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I'd give them a call to be sure (see the link in T's first comment above). I'd say there's a high risk the Chinese Immigration will get suspicious if you have a visit visa, but you're spending the majority of your time in China.

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It depends on why you are in China. Also, I should say that since the visa restrictions were lifted post-Olympics, it looks as though some things may have changed.

If you are there on business then you can apply for a 1 year or 6 month multi-entry Business (F) visa. Your limit of stay in China with this visa is 360 or 180 days respectively - so popping in and out to HK will probably ensure you never exceed your limit.

If you are actually going there for work, then I would think you would get a work (Z) visa, no? I have no idea on the limitations of Chinese work visas.

If you are there as a foreign tourist, then you cannot get a multi-entry visa unless you have a HK ID card - and even then it is limited depending on whether or not you are a permanent resident (1 year for PR, 6 months max for non-PR).

Will your trips to HK be work related? If so, you need to check the legality of undertaking work there without a HK work visa. It is illegal to undertake work (paid or otherwise) in HK without a valid work visa.

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I checked the old visa in my passport, and it was the Business (F) visa that Phil describes. So ignore my previous comment about arousing suspicions.


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i do not agree with the last answer specially this line==If you are there as a foreign tourist, then you cannot get a multi-entry visa===

i was in china last year as a tourist ..i had a double entry even i was a foreign tourist ..i think visas are given on one to one case basis .