Hi everyone

Hi all,

I'm new to this website...and I've just been reading the articles that are posted up on batgung.com; this is some of the funniest stuff I've read in a long time!

I noticed there's a lot of stuff that has been asked about expat life in Hong Kong, schooling for kids, the cultural divide, etc. I'm actually the only child of an American dad and a Hongkongese mom. I'm graduating from College in the States this May, and will start thinking about making some sort of attempt to carve out a future for myself back home in HK.

So if there's anything anyone would like to ask me about international schooling (I spent all my primary and high school years in an English school in the Mid-levels) or the kind of experiences a Eurasian kid actually goes through growing up in Hong Kong, I'd be glad to answer and help you guys the best I can.

Happy Batgunging.

Re:Hi everyone

Hi Goonerz,

I'd be interested to hear what it was like growing up in HK. There's a certain time of life around school-age when most of us want to fit in as much as possible, and be like everyone else. Then at the same time children pick out differences and use those for teasing or worse. Sometimes I wonder what ToddlerB will face as she grows up.

So if you have any thoughts on that, and things that helped you get around any issues, it would be great to hear them.