Comming Soon

I will be coming home by end of june for two weeks and start seeking agency's for employment and interviews, but getting worried about the whole change. Steptember this year will be the deadline for us to move perminatly.

I hear that in Hong Kong they tend to hire you on the spot rather than go through the notice periods is that true.?

Re:Comming Soon

I don't think it is so different in HK from the rest of the world? If the employer wants you, and especially if you have some special qualities, they'll wait for you to finish your notice.

If they have two equal candidates, one that can start next week, and one that must give three months notice, you can guess who they will go for.

Any chance you can start contacting agencies now, to see if they can have the interviews lined up for you when you arrive in June?


Re:Comming Soon

Well I have started to conatact agency's but they want a first contact appointment once I'm there. So I guess I will be waiting for replies. I haven't told them my time lines, but said I wanted them to start looking at possible suitable positions.
Did the covering letters and CV's back ground so at least they are interested and want to meet me.
Come June and they find a position I'll hand in my notice so come push to shove August could look like a new time line instead of september.
Still have to sell my flat over here! anyone interested in an investment?