Aeroplane Noise at Upper Kornhill

Aeroplane Noise at Upper Kornhill


we're just back from Canada, important to look for quiet environment with lots of fresh air. We're considering upper kornhill, but wonder if there'll be any disturbance during sleep(esp in early morning) caused by plane noise. If you're staying at kornhill (esp upper), grateful if you can share your experience on this.



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I'm pretty sure the Lower Kornhill would be greeted by early morning screeching of the Tramways everyday. Don't know if that would reach the upper parts, however. You'll have to be there to have a good observation, I'm afraid. Why not try to go to the cinema there for a late night movie, then go up the slope and see for yourself?

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Aeroplane Noise at Upper Kornhill

Hi T,

Thank you for your sharing.How early is the screeching of the
Tramways and how frequent? every day? and are the Tramways referring
to the plane noise and does it last throughout the day? Grateful for advice


Kornhill....used to live there

Upper Kornhill should not be troubled by the tram or by plane noise. Nice flats but overpriced I think.

If you are located lower Kornhill (block QR,S) near the hotel/jusco area and live on the lower floors only (e.g. 1-), then those flats will affected by tram rumbling. Trams do not screech they may use their airhorns now and then.

If you decied for upper Kornhill, you might be affected IF some new development is planned in Quarry Bay area (ie. near Orchard Gardens Flats) though. Maybe check out

New Development -Noise in Kornhill Area

Hi V,

thanks very much for your reply. Do you have more details re the new development? Or do you know where we can obtain those information? Thanks again & looking forward to hearing from you again.