BroadBand which one?

Hi people got another question what internet provider do you Use?
what are the limits per month and costings. Looking to get about 512K
In the UK I'm paying about 270HKS per month or

Broadband in Hong Kong

We use Netvigator at home. I think it costs around HKD150 a month, and is 1.5Mbps - you'll be a happy surfer here! If you go to the Wanchai Computer Center there is usually a line of salespeople on the street outside, representing all the main broadband players. They are there from lunchtime until evening.

I think any Hong Kong GSM mobile operator will have good roaming arrangements with Europe and China. I'm with Smartone, and the phone works in both regions without any problems.


iCable is OK

I used to have Netvigator, but switched to a combined phone and broadband deal from iCable for much less than I was paying just for broadband. It's not quite so fast, but it's good enough (certainly better than 512k). It's a competitive market, so you can easily get a good deal if you shop around.