How can I get a job in Hong Kong?Old topic but real touble to me

I am a native German with two diplomas, one science and one MBA. I would like to work in Hongkong very much because i studied 15 months in HK before and I really love it. But my disadvantage is I dont really have lots of work experience. I have just graduated and worked half year till now in a German SAP company.

I sent out lots of applications to Hongkong companies and even willing to take lower salary to come back, however, there is no replies at all.

I dont know whether it's because I didnt use a HK address and telephone No. or because I am lack of work experience. Should I give up my job and take a tour in HK and raise the oppotunities of getting a job?

They say Hong Kong companies dont want to take trouble in applying the working visa for foreigners unless you are quite unique and experienced.

Do I have a chance or should I stop and not waste energy anymore?


re: How can I get a job?

That's something we've just been talking about here.

I don't know what the chance of you finding work is if you visit Hong Kong. But it will surely be a lot higher than applying from overseas. Unless you have some really hot skill, I can't think why an employer would respond to an application from overseas.

Are you working for SAP? Can you transfer internally to SAP's HK office? Or use contacts at SAP HK to look for opportunities here at SAP or their customers? A quick google for 'sap hong kong' shows there's no shortage of SAP work here, so if you can apply from here - maybe to a company where German language skills would be a plus... ?

Good luck,


Hi, MrBig I am a test

Hi, MrBig
I am a test engineer from Malaysia, working for Motorola at the moment.
I am looking for a job in Hong Kong, as an electronics engineer, or any related field.
Any idea what is the salary range for engineer who has 2 years experience?
I could speak/write fluent chinese, english and understand cantonese. Would that be an added advantage?

re: test engineer

Hi Vinhc,

I'm not sure what the salary is for that role, but there are some links to salary lists here.

Your language skills will definitely be an advantage - I'm always impressed by the number of languages the people in Malaysia can speak.

Motorola used to have a facility near Tai Po in Hong Kong. If that's still there, would there be any chance of an internal transfer?

Good luck, MrB

PS Though 'MrBig' sounds way better, the B in MrB really stands for 'Balding'!

Hi MrB guess I watched too

Hi MrB
guess I watched too much Sex & The City, mistaken you for Mr Big from that series. :)
Motorola has a site at Hunghom, I am still checking with the counter-part there.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your useful information on your website, really helpful