moving to hongkong

Hi all,

My wife and me are moving to hongkong and would be looking for apartments in area which have indians around.kindly recommend few area we prefer north indian community.My office is located in central.

When are you moving in here

Hi, I would recommend you to stay near TST as you can find indian groceries and related stuff there only. Since you are going to work at Central, Hunghom will be very suitable to you as you can reach central in 10 min by star ferry.
If you can afford high rental then you can enjoy life in hongkong inland (central) otherwise hunghom is good choice for most of indians working in wanchai or central.

If you are moving very soon in august then I may help you.

Please mail me or can call me if need more info at my contact.

Rishi Manglesh
+852 96462593