Being Homesick

This is a very odd post, I know, but today is my three-year anniversary of leaving Hong Kong to return to the U.K. and I'm really, really missing HK today.

If anyone would like to offer up stuff that they can't stand about living there, and make me feel better I'd really appreciate it.

(Currently, I'm so bad, I'm remembering mini-bus drivers with real fondness. "Remember how they never get out of 2nd gear? Ahhh... bless!" HELP!)

sorry, can't help

but what I will say is that I left the UK to come to HK two years ago and can say for certain that I do not miss the UK at all. So I think you had just better come back ;-)


Okie Dokie - I'm on way!

Okie Dokie - I'm on way!


The Hongkongness page will hopefully give you a good reminder of what it was like to live in HK, but not sure whether it will make you more homesick or less.

I've just got back to HK after almost 4 weeks vacation visiting friends & family in the UK. The most immediate difference to note is that I've gone from being cool and wet (the UK is having a rainy summer), to hot and wet (no rain, but plenty of sweat!)