Living at Tolo Harbour??

Hi there. No one seems to have a recommendation for a specific apartment in Kowloon Tong, and I have another question. Thoughts on Tolo Harbour? For our outdoorsy needs this looks like it might be a viable alternative to Discovery Bay (which lagely doesn't appeal). One of the serviced apartment websites for the area says its easy/ quick to get into other areas from. We aren't really keen on the idea of a serviced apartment just because home should, well feel like home- not a hotel, so if anyone has recommendations for an apartment out there it would help. We'd be communting daily from East New Territories to West New Territories, but since the kiddie's school would be en route this looks feasible.. Is it an Expat friendly area? Any thoughts regarding shopping, travel, apartments, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Gold Coast has also been suggested, but it would be a tough commute when you throw getting our child to school in the mix. Also, it seems like a more cut off area. Thoughts on that one? Our organization trip is coming up fast and we're trying to narrow down our areas to research while there. Thanks in advance!

Re:Living at Tolo Harbour??

Tolo harbour covers a big area. Anywhere more specific?

To get to AIS, you'd have to go through Lion Rock TUnnel. Traffic builds up at about 7.15am so early starts would be almost mandatory.

However, it is very easy to get to West New territories. Just go to Sha Tin, go through Shing Mun Tunnel, and you end up near Tsuen Wan.