Hong Kong and the city of Artificial Intelligence

I have been reading alot and looking at pictures of Hong Kong, anticipating my 4 month visit this fall. The photos of the night skyline really remind me of the scenes in the movie Artificial Intelligence when they are driving into the city, and everything is exuberant and colorful. My friend who has been there, says that it is a hot, fast paced, in-your-face consumer mecca. I also hear that HK is the "freest economy in the world." I could well be wrong, but I am getting the feeling, without ever being there, that HK is the most futuristic city in the world. Or if not the most futuristic, that HK represents a pinnacle of some sorts in human civilization. Or that its uniqueness is unparalleled. The product of two supercultures, Chinese and British. What do you think HKers?

Perhaps I should let go of all expectations.

Drop your expectation~~

Don't get your expectation too high..my friend...
Yes, HK is a vibrant city....but not a full of Artificail Intellegence at all...
Tokyo would be AI...but HK..not~
What you should concentrate here is to get to know the locals...and really get to know some of the history of the place. 8)
There are dirty street markets and things you might think it's unpleasant..
just keep in mind to always have a sense of curiosity~~
and you will know what really makes this place click for Mr T and Mr B

Shopping, food and scenery is wonderful....

You might want to visit the page...
tell us what you thinks once you arrive... :D

Re:Hong Kong and the city of Artificial Intelligence

To continue with the bladerunner theme, here's a vew from the Peak on a slightly foggy evening ...

I hope you enjoy your visit - there are several pleasant walks from HKU up and around the Peak, and the time of year that you are visiting is great walking weather.

Mr B

Re:Hong Kong and the city of Artificial Intelligence

Shanghai's PuDong is even more futuristic than Hong Kong

Re:Hong Kong and the city of Artificial Intelligence

Hi Organix;

I do think HK's pretty futuristic, but in two ways, i.e. some parts look star-trekishly modern and gleaming, but other parts look way more like Blade Runner!

And I wouldn't exactly call it a pinnacle of human civilization, even as much as I love the place! It's a great city, and extremely interesting, but I do think you'd do better on arrival here if you did as you suggested and toned down your expectations! Too many expectations can shield your eyes from what's really there. . . .