Those "exclusive" clubs

So I am rung up one day by a friend who is extolling the virtues of one of those recreational clubs. Joining fee is a lot of money, though by no means the most expensive.

If anybody is a member of such a club, what benefits do you feel you get that you would not normally be able to get in your day-to-day living? I can;t trust my friend because he is already a member!

I'm guessing it would be a different place for the kids to run around in but is it worth all those $$$$?

Re:Those "exclusive" clubs

I don't think I'm ever going to have enough spare cash that I'll rush to join one of those clubs for the socialising, and I'm not sporty enough to get the benefits as a playing member. So I think the secret is to cultivate your friend who is already a member, and get invited as a guest from time to time.

Cheers, MrB