Interior decorators

I have found an apartment and I am looking for someone to help me make sense of all my odds and ends of furniture and plan a few strategic purchases that will help make the place a home-preferably on the budget of a mere working mortal. All the entries I can find on Google seem to be for people who have won major awards for the design of office space for international corporations....


Do you have a budget? I know a very good person - he is an interior designer/stylist and does a lot of the styling for the properties in the SCMP 'post magazine' on sunday if you've ever seen them. He's very good and easy to work with - lovely chap.

His name is David Roden, and you can reach him on davidroden at netvigator dot com.

Thank you very much- I shall

Thank you very much- I shall pay special attention to the post magazine this Sunday!