Buying electronics to bring back to Australia


I'm hoping someone can help me here - I'm about to head over to Hong Kong for a week or so, and I'm thinking of buying some electrical goods (ipod etc). I'm from Australia - and I guess my question is - will I be able to buy stuff there that I can use back in Australia? I'm thinking in terms of plugs, voltages etc... as the plugs here in Oz are different to the ones in Hong Kong.

Do these big electrical stores that you've been talking about sell stuff with different plugs and the like for different places in the world? Probably a very stupid question - but no harm in asking right?


Only the plugs are different.

Only the plugs are different. I'm using my laptop and various chargers down in Australia right now.

The plugs used in China are the same as Aussie plugs, so if you go for cheap DVD players and things, (check out Ap Liu street) they'll all work fine in Oz.

Otherwise, you can get a simple converter plug for a few HK dollars in Ap Liu Street in Sham Shui Po which will do the trick nicely.