Do you have a domestic helper? If so....

...would you like to be interviewed?

Hello everyone, what a great board. Quick intro..I'm from Canada, been in HK for 3 months now with my partner who is employed for a year here. Since I cannot work, I have decided to make good use of my time. Currently, I am in the midst of writing a book about domestic helpers in HK...and doing the research.

Wondering if any of you would spare a bit of time to be interviewed, by email, phone or in person with the topic around your domestic worker? Also, if it's not asking for too much, would I be able to interview your domestic worker too? It won't take too long, I am estimating about 30 min to 45 min, depending on how much you have to say.

All interviews will remain confidential and anonymous. I have tried to approach some of the domestic workers during their day off, but many have indicated that they cannot speak English, so I am hoping that the domestic workers who work for expats will have a better grasp of the language!

Thanks all.

Domestic helpers interviews

Hi Ms Canada, and welcome to

First, one question for you: where were you approaching helpers trying to interview them? Were you in Causeway Bay, or Central? Most Indonesian DHs


Ms. Canada,

What sort of research are you doing? Academic research, market research? Have you already looked at the not exactly scarce research that has already been done in this area? If you haven't, may I recommend:

Constable, Nicole. (1997). Maid to order in Hong Kong : stories of Filipina workers. Cornell University Press.

About 10 years ago, a documentary was made: The Amahs of Hong Kong

There is also another, more recent video, distributed by Icarus First Run, called "Chain of Love", about Filipinas going overseas to work as nannies in Asia, Europe, Canada, and the USA.

Here are 3 working papers from the late 90's on Filipina domestic workers in HK

Re:Do you have a domestic helper? If so....

Thank you Mr. Tall and skmama...

I'm doing this for a book that I'd like to write for the year that I will be in Hong Kong. My partner is here for a year long contract. I've always wanted time off to do this and the topic is interesting enough for me to pursue it.

Skmama, thanks for the titles, I am currently reading Nicole Constable's book. I will try to get my hands on the documentaries.