Place to live near beach

Hi everyone

I have a task from my boss and it's starting to drive me crazy. I need to locate an apartment or a house to fulfill following requirements:

- Most importantly, a quiet place close to the good beach. Like, REALLY close, under 500 meters. Easy taxi communication with HK island.
- area should be populated by expats mostly
- relatively new building (under 10 years)

I've only been to HK two times by myself, so i'm really not familiar with HK numerous districts. Please help me to separate those which are most likely to have something like my boss needs.

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Hi there,

I don't want to be sarcastic and disrespectful, but expats here are basically out numbered by locals by God knows what ratio it is........  Most of us Chinese are a noisy breed of people whether you like it or not.  I'm sorry, I am just stating the facts.

If the target beach is NOT on Hong Kong Island itself then the choices are even smaller. I don't envy your task.  If you could delegate the task to an agent you should do it right away.

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Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. You're right, hiring an agent would be the best thong to do, but you know, financial crisis, cost-saving, blah-blah...Anyway, HK island is not excluded per se, but i'm not sure you can find a good quiet beach there, or am i wrong? As far as i understand, Discovery bay seems to be a good place to start the quest, but i'm not sure about transport communication with HK island

Disco Bay

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The high-rises in Disco Bay are more affordable.  The quickest way to go to Hong Kong Island from Disco Bay is by ferry.  For a not so crowded beach on Hong Kong Island, you might like to take a look at a small bay called Turtle Cove.  It's near between Tai Tam & Stanley.  There are references to Turtle Cove right here at Batgung.  But you would need an agent to check the lease for houes or flats around the area.  Traffic might also be a problem if your boss does not drive.

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If he/she wants a

If he/she wants a straightforward commute to Central then I would forget any of the outlying islands - even though they have some excellent beaches - you will be at the mercy of the weather and fickle nature of the ferry companies.

Maybe you should consider Sai Kung/Clearwater Bay peninsual? Not as convenient as HK Island of course but at least commutable by taxi if that is a factor via Eastern Harbour Tunnel. It has access to lots of beaches and is full of foreigners and English is widely spoken - by everyone.

As for within 500 metres of a beach - expect to pay top dollar wherever it is.

Thanks everyone for

Thanks everyone for comments
Let me put it this way: with budget of USD 2.000.000 (to buy, not to rent) what are the areas to start looking? Commute up to one hour to HK Island is OK. But i'm afraid ferries are don't, so DB won't suit. Once again, closeness to the beach is really the main point here. Everything else is less relevant and can be discussed. What about gold coast?

buying in HK

That's HK$ 15.6m.  For a good area here you're paying about 14,000 dollars per square foot.

Start with and put in your data.  See what comes up.  Remember you have to put about 40% deposit down and stamp duty is pretty steep (gohome has the calculations for you).

YOu need a lot more information, like how many rooms and how many bathrooms and with  / without facilities, and how many square feet.

Once you've checked out the range in gohome you can contact the agents representing the type / location of homes you're identified.  Good luck. I don't envy you. 

You would also need a Lawyer

Hi there,

Just to chyme in, you would need a local lawyer to handle the deeds.  The property agent would charge a small fraction of the transaction as commission, and The Government would levi stamp duty for each property transaction.  However the most important thing here concerning property is that, you do not own the land.  You just pay for the rights to live on that piece of land, or a flat sharing that same piece of land with others, for a certain period of time.

You would have other recurring expenditures like management fees (if you live in an estate managed by somebody else), utility bills, etc.  It does not occur to me for this to be a money saving campagne.  It would cost anybody even if he or she is rich, an arm and a leg.

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Living near the beach

If you look along the south side of the island, GoHome shows places within your budget. Moving anti-clockwise, suitable areas could be Repulse Bay (includes Middle Bay & South Bay), Chung Hom Kok, Stanley, Red Hill, and Shek O/Big Wave Bay. You can limit your search on GoHome to these areas.

Good luck, MrB