Bookazine Outlet

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Before anyone protests that this is a chain that sells new books, note that this particular location is the chain's "outlet" that sells "old titles" or "out-of-date books", according to the HK Mag snippet that drew my attention to it.

Finally checked it out today, it's right under the pedestrian bridge over Hollywood Road that connects up the escalators (that has one of those HK$2 Octopus rebate machines).

So while these aren't second-hand books per se, most of them are at second-hand prices, ranging from as little as HK$5 to five for HK$100 promotions to prices, while others are higher than you'll find at second-hand stores like Flow, Collectables, BooksMart, the Book Attic, etc.

As for the books, they may not be second-hand, but many of them you'd think had been used as at times they seem banged up and/or yellowed with age. But if you're looking for second-hand books anyway, then it's not a problem.

The store's one big room packs in a lot of books, though surprisingly I left empty handed. While I had a few nibbles, the quality of titles wasn't all that great. Basically this is the place where Bookazine's unwanted and/or damaged books go to die.

Nevertheless, it's worth adding to your second-hand book circuit. 

2/F, Winning House, 28 Hollywood Road, SOHO

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Sun: 10:30am - 6:30pm