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There's a small second-hand shop in the grounds of St John's Cathedral. It has limited opening hours:

  • Wed - Fri: 12:00 - 2:30pm
  • Sat, Sun: 10:30am - 12:00

There are several shelves of books, plus racks of clothes.

The Bookshop, Discovery Bay

117 DB Plaza,
Discovery Bay
Tel: 2987-9372
Open every day from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

One of a pair of shops owned by Terry Boyce. He says the DB store sells new and second-hand books, while the one in Silvermine Bay also has a good selection of antiquarian books.

YWCA MacDonnell Road

The YWCA has a couple of shelves of donated second-hand books at cheap prices at their MacDonnell Road location. You'll find them in the open area by the main stairs on the third floor where the English Speaking Members Department is located. Didn't see much of interest for myself, but worth having a peek if you're around there. Perhaps other YWCA locations have something similar.

Salvation Army's Stanley Family Store

Following on from mrb's entry on the Salvation Army's Wanchai Family Store, I can confirm that their Stanley location also has an offering of books. It's a split level store, with the books being at the very back of the upper floor.

If you're coming off the buses to Stanley, as you walk down the taxi/pedestrian street towards the market, hang a right at the library as if you're walking to the restaurant/bar area along the bay, and you'll pass the store on the left not far past the library.

Here are the details from their site: Read more »

The Bookshop, Mui Wo

Haven't been to this bookshop in Mui Wo, but was well reviewed in a Blog (see below) a year ago and just recently to me by a friend who lives over there.

"The Bookshop, straight ahead out of the Mui Wo / Silvermine Bay ferry terminal and through the bus terminal, has recently brought something rare to Hong Kong: a real bookshop, with its shelves populated by good books rather than mere best-sellers. Read more »

Oxfam Shop, Causeway Bay

Thanks to jabalong for giving us the address to this one:

The Oxfam Shop (Causeway Bay)
11/F, Shop 33, Windsor House, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 2730 1666
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri:   11am - 7pm
Saturday:   12noon - 5pm
Sun & holidays: Closed

I called in there yesterday. It's a tiny shop on one of the computer-mall floors of Windsor House. There is a very small selection of second-hand books, just a couple of short shelves' worth. Not worth a visit unless you are already in the area.

Bookazine Outlet

Before anyone protests that this is a chain that sells new books, note that this particular location is the chain's "outlet" that sells "old titles" or "out-of-date books", according to the HK Mag snippet that drew my attention to it.

Finally checked it out today, it's right under the pedestrian bridge over Hollywood Road that connects up the escalators (that has one of those HK$2 Octopus rebate machines). Read more »


Stumbled upon this one as I was walking past Collectables, which is just a few doors up Queen Victoria Street (with another bookstore beside it for Chinese-language books).

Hadn't noticed it before. The person manning the cash said they'd been open three years, though there website says only since January 2008, which makes more sense.

Prices are good - on par with Flow and the Book Attic. It is mostly fiction, which makes it a good companion to its neighbour Collectables, which is moving to non-fiction only.

Here are the details:  Read more »

The Chapter House

Haven't been, but have come across this place in HK Mag and in several secondhand book postings in forums. Here are the details from one of them:

The Chapter House in Stanley Market has a good selection of secondhand English books - fiction / non fiction / children's. They are open from 11am till 6pm daily and are in the alley that turns off before the rugby short shop - towards the end of the market. They will also exchange books for vouchers. Call Sean on 9268 9006 for more details / directions.


The book collection is getting squeezed out by records, and they are now primarily only non-fiction books, but worth a gander. Description from a record afficionado site: Read more »

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