The Chapter House

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Haven't been, but have come across this place in HK Mag and in several secondhand book postings in forums. Here are the details from one of them:

The Chapter House in Stanley Market has a good selection of secondhand English books - fiction / non fiction / children's. They are open from 11am till 6pm daily and are in the alley that turns off before the rugby short shop - towards the end of the market. They will also exchange books for vouchers. Call Sean on 9268 9006 for more details / directions.


That's the place . . . .

Chapter House--that's the one that seems to be closed--at least, the last two times I've been to Stanley, all I've found is the sign leaning up against a wall, but no store.  I was there twice and liked their selection, but it appears they are gone.  If there are other branches, I don't know about them.



Chapter House was open today

We were in Stanley today, and I saw the sign to this shop. As Jabalong describes, they are in the alley by the rugby shirt shop - if you're walking in to the main pedestrian shopping street it's almost at the far end. The alley leads off to the left, and the book shop is at the top of the alley on the corner.

It has a good selection, including childrens books. Paperbacks were in the $30-50 range, and children's books (ladybirds, paper backs) were $15-20.

Worth a visit the next time you are in Stanley.

Finally checked it out

Finally made it to the Chapter House, which as per the sign they had out is open from 11:00 to 17:50 every day. It's a small space with two rooms, but cramped full of books.

My only reservation really is that the store is wide open with no aircon, which is laudable from an environmental point of view but makes for somewhat "moist" books if I can put it that way. Though if you're just going to take them to your own humid home then it's not a big deal.

For anyone who doesn't know where the rugby shop is (which included me), if you come off the buses and are heading down the little taxi/pedestrian street to the market, take a left on the main market shop drag. The rugby shop is near the end not far from where it opens out at a small water treatment plant at the eastern side of the bay.

There's a little lane that heads up on the left at the rugby shop and you take that past one cross lane and then Chapter House on the left. If you know where you're going, you can probably cut through the buildings above the market to get there and bypass the crowded, slow-moving main market lane.

Chapter House Stanley has closed

The bookstore named The Chapter House in Stanley closed last year.