The Bookshop, Mui Wo

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Haven't been to this bookshop in Mui Wo, but was well reviewed in a Blog (see below) a year ago and just recently to me by a friend who lives over there.

"The Bookshop, straight ahead out of the Mui Wo / Silvermine Bay ferry terminal and through the bus terminal, has recently brought something rare to Hong Kong: a real bookshop, with its shelves populated by good books rather than mere best-sellers.

There are lots of new books, as well as second-hand (new and old) and antiquarian books (old and rare). Prices are startlingly low.

Terry Boyce, who has another bookshop in Discovery Bay, runs the place. No website as yet, but here's the e-mail: Terry Boyce, at The Bookshop."

Read the full blog from 12 January 2007 at:

Apparently there are other shops in Mui Wo selling books on the side, but this one has the best collection. If anyone's checked it out, please add comments.

Also if anyone has details on the Discovery Bay location (if it's still there), please create an entry for it.


I forgot to say (and login!)

I forgot to say (and login!) that I don't know exactly where to put the map marker, so I placed it just beside the Ferry Terminal, as according to the blog it's near there just beyond the bus terminal, but don't see the bus terminal on the map or know where the shop is exactly.

Bookshop in Silvermine Bay

I've been meaning to visit this since jabalong mentioned it. Today's hike on Lantau gave me an excuse to come back via Mui Wo, and take a look.

Here are the details:

Shop E, Silver Centre,
Silvermine Bay
tel: 2984-9371
Open every day from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

I've updated the map above to put the marker in the right place, but it's easy to find.

The owner, Terry Boyce, was in the shop when I visited. He's very friendly, and an interesting man to talk to. Turns out he was good friends with Martin Booth, author of 'Gweilo'.

This shop has all the regular categories (modern, popular, light, classic, history, biography, travel writing etc...) plus a good selection of antiquarian books. His other shop is in Discovery Bay, and sells new and second-hand contemporary books.

There is a company domain:, but no website at present. It's on his to-do list though, so take a look to see if it's been finished since I wrote this.