hk people that finish everything you say with " your welcome" conversations can last for hours.

you know when youved arrived in hk when you hear the welcoming sound of the grozing china man emptying his inherited snot pocket at the back of his throat.

the bus will take 17 minutes, not about 15 or 20 but 17 minutes

polite coffee shop assistants.

getting off the plane, where did they get all those bags. How did the plane get off the ground with all the extra baggage. why get up and panic to get off when the doors wont open for another 15 minutes . 17 actually sir . thank you, your welcome.

no I don't want to be a member of your stationery club.

don't pour me any more tea.

its only a builder drilling a hole in the wall. Why must everybody wear a mask and act like sars is back. especially in the bank. I don't speak Chinese so find someone that does, turn the micro phone up, and take the Rudy mask off. i only want to withdraw a 100 dollars and it is my signature. how can I remember how I signed it eight years ago?? and besides my arthritis wasn't bad then.

Ive got broad band

If i could understand Chinese i am sure those endless political debates about stocks are not going to interest me.

would you like cable sir?

Only to wrap around your neck.


How can they complete a floor installation in 2 hours. and clean up. that's just weird no tea breaks. I have to speak to the union about that lad,

600 dollars to watch the "sound of music".

its hear on every bus posting, in every starbucks dont miss it, its spectacular its Saturday Night fever. WHAT?

just when your nodding off.
No running, no walking, no eating, no flying kites, no ball games, no chess games , no looking oddly at peoples swim wear no swimming , no topless bathing, no thinking about topless bathing, no rubbish, no flying portable planes , no pretending to fly a kite, no laughing , no crying, no eating that sandwich, no lifeguards no life.
now in Cantonese.
evly bodi laff at de gweilo he he he.

why so many teenagers screaming cos their friends want to get them wet. your at the seaside!

should i buy that just because its more expensive, it looks the same , i bought the cheaper one its the same why do I feel cheap. maybe i should go back and get the pricier one. no no

why have the voluntary xray scan at shenzhen. I am sure if I really have something to hide i wont put my bag through there. chinese poeple must get them selves arrested all the time.