first time I checked the sight, it popped up on my search engine for property. Anyway Your observations on locals and their behavior is quite amusing and I thought I was the only one who noticed these bizarre antics.

when I get the chance I will forward my observations on the obsession with Flem, memberships, time, clothes, washing hands, spitting, finance statistics, dull tv, and lists of other things.

is it you that writes that article in the HK magazine (that paper thats available in starbucks and the only thing you don't want to immediately ignite your bbq with) about relationships?


Rik, for more on those odd things about HK, try the "Hongkongness" thread.

And nope, I have a hard enough time thinking what to write here, so it's not me in the HK magazine. Not sure if Mr Tall has been moonlighting ...