Gods at Deepwater Bay

Gods at Deepwater Bay

At various places in Hong Kong you'll find clusters of these ceramic gods. Sometimes just a handful, sometimes over a hundred. Are they are bought specially for the location? Or does the site just gradually become known as a resthome for retired gods after they have done whatever good deed was required at your home?

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hi, i know one such place in


i know one such place in kowloon too. it is the bus terminus at "so uk estate". hundreds of "kwung yam". the bus drivers are very nice, and built a small temple for them. very nice.

oh. forget to tell why they

oh. forget to tell why they are there. many older generation of hong kong chinese have these ceramic gods at home as to protect their family... etc. the younger generations however, don't like having these gods at home. so when the parents pass away, the children will get rid of these ceramics - but they couldnt just throw it away - hack they are gods afterall, so people will find a place to "house" them perhaps under a tree, under a footbridge... etc.


Chinese Gods

When I was staying at Diamond Hill, up the back of Kingsford Terrace there is a walking track and there are a lot of these statues where the elderly practice their Martial Arts. I found that they were very interesting to look at and had a character about them.