I need to vent

So yesterday, we went to Alexandre House in Central. Looked for the washroom. Couldn't find the women's toilet, so opted for the disabled one. (actually, I passed it and didn't walk back, b/c I had to go badly) I walked in...lots of supplies..but I thought oh well, it's a washroom. And then I walked out to a very irate cleaning lady who chewed me out..she said, can't you see there are things in there? What's wrong with you? Why don't you use the regular toilet?

I was in a hurry but boy, was I cheesed off. I asked her, what's wrong, why can't I use it?

I mean, it says toilet, not supplies room. And even though there were two disabled toilets, one of them wouldn't open...so if I was really disabled and needed to use the disabled toilet, I'd be in trouble? B/c it's a supplies room?

Left sour taste in my mouth. Maybe my own fault for using the disabled toilet. Phooey.