unpaid tax

Hi, 6 1/2 years ago (having worked and lived in HK) I left rather quickly and neglected to pay any taxes. What happens if I visit HK now? Can I pass through immigration - or will I be detained upon entry?


Doesn't look very hopeful

[quote]Even in cases where the tax has to be written off, IRD continues to closely monitor the cases thereafter. IRD maintains an information database to keep track of the income details of taxpayers. Recovery actions will be resumed as and when fresh information conducive to tax recovery comes to light. Under section 71 of the IRO, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue ("CIR") may order that a sum not exceeding 5% in the amount in default shall be added to the tax. If the default period exceeds six months, CIR may also order that a sum not exceeding 10% in all of the unpaid amount shall be added to the unpaid amount. Taxpayers' obligation to pay tax will not be relieved by the lapse of time.[/quote]



unpaid tax

What about entering on a dual nationality passport?

unpaid tax

I don't think they have the right to arrest you but they may detain you for questioning. It would probably trigger a resurrection of your file if it's still in their system and they'd start to chase you!

Your employer at the time should have treated you as a 'leaving Hong Kong case' but it sounds like they didn't have too much advance warning. Guess they had no money held back either - employers are held liable for taxes not collected if a person leaves hong kong without paying taxes and getting a 'letter of release'.

Ummmm - have you considered coming clean as to your obligations to a city you lived and worked in?

OK OK people no throwing tomatoes at me!!!!