Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Maybe it's too much to wish for 'prosperous' this year, so we'll settle for wishing you a happy and healthy year of the Ox.


Happy Chinese New Year -- or is it...

This post looked so lonely with no comments from anyone, I just had to write.  And perhaps get an answer about this time of year.

Growing up and living in the US I had always heard this time of year as the beginning of the Chinese new year.  When I wished a co-worker (who was originally from Taiwan) "Happy Chinese New Year," he politely corrected me and said I should have wished him a "Happy Lunar New Year," because it is not only the Chinese people but Taiwanese, Hong Kong-ese, Singaporean, Vietnamese and Korean people who celebrate the beginning of this calendar.  I never used "happy lunar new year" because there are other  peoples (like the Hebrews) who use a calendar based on the moon, too.  And considering that the "Chinese" lunar calendar was originally started by the ancient Chinese, isn't it the Chinese new year?  What do people in Hong Kong say if they say it in English -- if at all?

I like your website -- it's really neat and useful.


Happy Chinese New Year

Yes Vinne, this is a lonely place but now three is a company.

You used the right phrase.  The second phrase sounds too technial and is most appropriate at gathering of astronomers, scientists and historians.

can of worms

This is just one aspect of a huge political can of worms, so his/her (your co-workers) comments don't surprise me. But anyway, in answer to your question - I have never heard an 'English' Chinese New Year greeting. The Chinese greetings seem to be the acceptable ones for everyone, regardless of whether the speaker is Chinese or not.



Next year, I'll keep in mind who I'm addressing and greet them accordingly.  Thanks for the advice!