Need Long term Visa

Hi all,

I already hv 3 months visitor's Visa , this is the 1st time I am visiting Hk and would like to stay for another 3 months what are the chances and ways in which I can get this 2nd extention. Pls advise if there are any professionals who can help me as well.

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Extend Hong Kong Visitor's visa

I think the usual approach is just to leave HK for a short trip somewhere else, then return and hope to get a new visitor's visa. The immigration dept have the right to refuse entry, but I have no idea how they decide who looks ok to let back in, and who looks like they are working and should be refused entry.

The Government's FAQ only talks about being able to extend visas for people who are permitted to
- work,
- study, or
- reside as dependants in Hong Kong.


Need Long term Visa

I had a significant other a few years ago who wasn't working (well he part timed at teaching scuba diving) so he would go in and out with short trips around the region, staying only a couple of days away each time. He managed to get through about 5 times until being stopped and advised that they would not process another visa for him as it was clear he was living here without a work or dependent visa.

I actually went to the immigration department who were very sympathetic but the only advice I was given was to marry him ... ummm no!!!!! (we actually ended up leaving for a couple of years and I returned minus the significant other). Even though I offered to sponsor him, guarantee his departure if that became necessary, etc etc., it was a no-go.

I'd suggest you just do the short trips thing but you could be denied entry at any time if they suspect something is amiss. If you present yourself while here as wanting an extension, which I haven't seen given unless for good cause, you'll get logged into the system and will be on the 'watch' list at the airport.

Just my two cents.


you can apply for a

you can apply for a visitor's visa. you can choose whether it is for single, double, or multiple entry. i think the standard time allowance is 180 days. if you don't want to do that just take a ferry to Macau stay for the day and come back...that way you don't have to get a visa for China first but can still re-enter under a normal visitor endorsement.

using macau for a new visa

they don't allow a hop over to macau any longer to count as an 'exit' from hong kong for visa purposes....they used to but have stopped it