Native English Teachers

Hello everybody,

I know this topic has been covered but couldn't find a recent post so just wanted to check the 'current' situation.

I am a British Born Cantonese and have a degree in English Lit and Lang but no TEFL/TESOL.  I would love to get a job teaching English but have no experience.  Is it really necessary to do a TEFL/TESOL or can I do without?  What sort of salary can I expect? Could I easily get full time work?

I have seen a few jobs advertised at private kindergartens which seem interesting, however they ask for BEd..would they accept an English degree?

My Cantonese is OK (could be better, but could be worse) but I'm sure it'll pick up once I'm living in HK.  Also, I'm assuming I have 'right of abode' and therefore do not need a visa?  Can anyone clarify this? My parents were both born in HK but came over to the UK in their early twenties and are British citizens.  However they moved back to HK about 4 years ago.

Thanks in advance!

re: English Teacher

First thing is to get the permission to work - see point 4 here.

You can very likely find some English teaching work with an English degree, but TEFL/TESOL will let you work at better places, and will also give you some basic training in how to teach. Use the search box on the right to look for other posts discussing TEFL or TESOL.

Something else to be aware of: Native English Teacher or 'NET' has a specific meaning in Hong Kong, slightly different from what you're looking for.

Good luck, MrB