Head for the hills ...

As The Sweaty finally gives way to The Sensational, it's time to head for the hills and get hiking.

There are some photos online here to give you an idea of what to expect.

And if you need a helping hand to get started, why not join one of the hikes listed here?

Mr B

The hills

Well, although Mr B knows it's one of my rules never to set foot on a trail in Hong Kong before October, I just couldn't wait this year, and went out for a short ramble this morning. Mr B is too inspiring.

I live just a 15-minute walk from the Wilson Trail, so I headed up there to check out trail conditions, and try out some new 'all terrain' shoes I bought last week.

My discoveries:

Shoes (Nike ACGs): excellent. Comfy; light enough to run in on flat bits; and solid enough to handle rocky sections of the trail.

Trail conditions: surprisingly damp. Lots of greasy mud still present on the non-paved bits.

Mr Tall condition upon completion of hike: desperately, repulsively sweaty.

Conclusion: the Sensational is not yet here, Mr B!