Working and moving back to HK

Dear Batgung

I was born in HK and moved about 18 years ago.  I have been back in the last 7 years and whilst there got my new ID card.  Being born in HK that does mean I have the right of abode - right?  Does that also mean I can work and I definitely do not need a company to sponser me?? Am I VERY lucky or just hopeful??!

Also I am getting the picture the employment market is quite bad - is that still true?  I can speak and write basic Mandarin and speak only basic Cantonese - is that helpful or do you need to be fluent to get say even a secretarial job or a job in a hotel for example - or even a waitress??!!

Any info and I would be most grateful...also this may sound like a stupid question but do they have social security in HK and National Health System as we do in the UK - I cant remember??! 

Many thanks Em

re: Working and moving back to HK

Hello Em,

As always, check with immigration to be 100% sure, but as I understand it:

  • If you were born here you have a permanent ID card giving right of abode, and can work without needing a company sponsor. Check your ID card to be sure.
  • Unemployment has definitely got worse, but at 5.5% it's still better than many western countries.
  • With only basic Cantonese and Mandarin, you're going to be looking for jobs that are mostly performed in English, eg dealing with local expatriates, or working in international companies, or in local companies whose customers are all overseas.
  • Social security - none to speak of.
  • Health system - yes a good, heavily subsidised public service is available if you have a permanent ID card.

Good luck, MrB

Working and Moving back to HK

Dear Mr B

Thank you so much for your swift response.  I have checked my ID card and it is a permanent one and it does say on the back that I have right of abode so that is great!!  Your site is most helpful by the way.  A great idea!

Thank you again.

Gratefully, Em