Cycling on Hong Kong Island

I'm a mad road cyclist and about to relocate for work.  Considering working around Central or Cause Way.

My job is going to be based closer to "Cyberport" (North West of Hong Kong Island)

Has anyone ridden (or even driven) either: pok fu lam reservior rd, harlech rd, or old peak rd???

If you live on Hong Kong Island, where do you ride your bike ?


Re: Pokfulam Reservoir Road

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Upon entering the Pofulam Reservoir Road and when you reached the gate (on both sides) you should be able to see a sign stating No bikes is allowed.  I don't have any impression on such a band on Harlech Road.  But Old Peak Road?  If you are going up or down Old Peak Road I would say you are out of your mind. :-P

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Heya "T", why airn't bikes

Heya "T", why airn't bikes allowed?

And why is Old Peak Rd so dangerous?



Re: Why are bikes not allowed?

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I'm afraid you'll have to ask the Government for that. Human powered bikes are generally being treated as any other motorized vehicles in town, thus highway code applies.  Almost all services roads around Reservoirs and country parks are basically restricted areas for unauthorized vehicles.  There are some exceptions in the New Territories: there is a Mountain Bike Trail near the Tai Lam Reservoir, and the dam of the Plover Clove Reservoir had been opened for bikes for decades.

As for the Old Peak Road is concerned, it's the gradient.  Even on foot, there are sections of the Old Peak Road that is considered uncomfortable to some, and even difficult to some.  Going uphill might be hard for a cyclist, but at least it would be very unlikely for the cyclist to bump into anybody.  However going downhill is another matter.  There are quite a lot of hard turns along the Old Peak Road as well.

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Cycling routes

I've seen road cyclists using some combination of Victoria Road (which passes near Cyberport), Mount Davis Rd and Pok Fu Lam Rd. I've also heard there's a good run along the Lantau coast from Tung Chung.

There's also some relevant info on this post about triathlons.


bikes banned

i believe the bike ban around reservoirs happened due to an incident when a cyclist fell off one time and try to sue the Govt dept (WSD?) for improper road maintenance. Thus rather than maintain the roads, they imposed a blanket ban on all WSD owned roads.


Re: bikes banned

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I think the ban is not just for service roads around reservoirs.  It's for many hiking trails like the Island Trail as well.  But still I frequently see mountain bike tyre marks along in these trails despite the ban.  I have even met a team of mountain bikers roaming along it between Tien Wan and the Aberdeen Reservoir once.

Some of these folks are really good and took on the boulders and steps very easily.

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