Question about Helena May

I'm planning a trip to HK and am looking at the Helena May as a place to stay. It looks like a great place but because it's an old building I'm concerned about cockroaches. Is there anyone who can vouch for the Helena May? I'm not a clean-freak at all but roaches freak me out.

Helena May & cockroaches

I've only been to the meeting rooms, but they're always very clean and tidy. Not a roach in sight!

Can any Helena May members add to this?

roach free but very busy

Ok, I confess I'm a member. 

It is scrupulously tidy and clean.  You could eat off the floors if you wish.  But there is not often accomodation available, you need to book months in advance, so you'd be lucky if they have space.

If you don't get in, the Bishop Lei is a good alternative.

was hoping you can help~

Hello there,

I am hoping to hold my wedding at the Helena May venue next year, but its restricted to members only. I was wonderign whether you will be able to help me? Many many thanks~

hi, could u pls help for booking helena may as wedding banquet

hi, could u pls help for booking helena may as wedding banquet venue?

membership drive

They're having a membership drive at the moment.
Go to the website and download the membership form:

Take it back to the office in person and Joanne will help you to find 2 members (having lunch or reading the newspaper) to recommend and second you.
Membership is only about $3000 to join and $3000 per year (off the top of my head, it may be a bit more now), and often they waive the joining fee if they're needing new members.
Compared to the cost of a wedding, that's not much, and you can have the benefit every day!
Ask for membership as a wedding present!

This is not the right way

I’m a member of this club too.  I do not like ppl only joining this club for their wedding. This is not a club for this kind of ppl.  I enjoy using this club becos of the facilities and their quality members who joined the club for leisure and socialize with members and friends and not for using the venue for their one-off function.  I do not think you could join this club like that easy.  If this is the case, I will withdraw my membership.  Please find other venue, hotel, for  your wedding!

Helena May as a wedding venue


You don't have to be a member to hold a wedding reception at The Helena May.  Contact the General Manager, Betty Simpson for details and a tour of the club.


I am amazed by the simple and

I am amazed by the simple and classy look & feel of Helena May, and thinking it will be great to hold wedding or any kind of party/event there too, is anyone willing to help and propose/second me for the membership? I have already filled in the application form and hoping it will speed up the procedure if recent member could propose me. 


Appreciated it =)

Helena May as a venue - members only

I wrote to the Helena May to get an official answer. I asked:

I saw the pages for Function Rooms & Weddings on your website. Please can I check if these are available for the general public to hire, or only for members?

I received this reply from Ms Celia Lee:

The Helena May is a private members' club and our facilities are only available for use by members and their guests. To join the club, you need to be proposed and seconded by two members. The admission fee is $4,000 and the monthly subscription is $450.

So if you want to get married there, the first step is to become a member.


Helena May membership

Hi I am interested in joining Helena May as member. Any member could propose and second me? I have already filled in the form but I just do not know any member personally. Please kindly reply me at


I also filled in the form for long long time, but still looking for any member propose and second me too.  I live near by, and always walk through near  Helena May, but I just standing outside only  =.='''.  I wish i can stay in the library all day (they have a lot of meaningful books in there!)

I didn't know any member neither ( I have been looking for 2 years!!!!), just saw this forum.... and I hope somebody can help propose and second me~ many many thanks!!!! (