solar equipment

Would like to know the best place in Hong Kong to buy solar cells and other solar gadgets phone chargers etc

Solar equipmeny

 I used a company called Red Sun (see below) for my solar water heating. They do speak english and are enthusiastic and helpfull but I cannot compare them to any others as I have no experience or reports from friends or users. I found it hard to get the sort of information that you are looking for which is surprising because of the number of manufacturers in China. A directory of local suppliers/installers would be most usefull.

meanwhile try:

Are you looking for portable/outdoor solar battery chargers?

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Are you looking for portable and outdoor solar battery chargers?  If so, they are available in radio/electronic parts stores around.  However the quality of the goods and selling price varied.  Imported and branded stuffs are more expensive especially in Outdoor/Mountaineering gear stores.

If you know how to assemble electronic parts it would be much cheaper for you to get your own parts at stores around Apliu Street.  But you have to select your parts very carefully.  You might also have to expect the communication with store keepers would be in pidgin.

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