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An orchestra from Hong Hong was offer me a monthly salary of 1900 US$,

extra-session payment, end-of-contract gratuity and MPF. Please someone could tell me if it a reasonable salary , from witch I could live decent me and my wife or not.They tell me that I will receive and a small re-allocation subsidy, but thay not specify how much it will be.I wait for your replies. Thank you!

i don't think 1900 a month is

i don't think 1900 a month is enough money. A one bedroom apartment is almost 1200 depending where you live.  That would be your rent. What about food? car? maintenance? health insurance? sorry. two jobs and maybe it would work. 

Orchestra pay

Hmmm. USD1900 a month is marginal. I don't know what your lifestyle in your home country is like (is it the USA?), but you would likely find it tough living in Hong Kong on that money. Although it's possible to live a fairly frugal lifestyle here, Hong Kong is not a cheap city for things like entertainment and creature comforts, so you would have to keep an eagle eye on expenditures. That salary would also seriously impede your ability to do much traveling, which is one of the great benefits of being here as an expat.

I mostly agree with the questions posed by Anon above, except for the car. You don't need one -- which is good, since there's no way you could afford keeping one on that salary. So it would be public transport for you, but that's fine, since most people in Hong Kong live well without having a car.

But if you were to take the offer, you would find it hard to pay for a flat and have much left over. Even in the cheaper neighborhoods (like my own, I might add) you're looking at not much less than USD1000 as a minimum rental for a small flat. That's already more than 50% of your income, which is not a good number to base a lifestyle on.

That's not to say it's impossible -- if you're really committed to coming here, try to find out (maybe from current orchestra members?) how much you might be able to take home from the extra session work. There might also be the possibility of giving lessons (people here are way crazy about their kids learning to play instruments, and lesson fees from a real pro should be pretty high). Also, your spouse, under current regulations, can go ahead and look for work here once you arrive, without the need to apply for a separate working visa.

Readers, any other thoughts on this one?


Mr Tall

orchestra pay

I'm pretty sure the mainstream orchestras pay quite a bit more.  Is this a full time position or as an extra?  An old advert I dug up from the HK Phil was offering positions at between $3800 and $5400 per month.

you can earn $600 + per hour teacher IF you have a good name,  but you'd first have to build up your reputation.

thank you kindly

Thank you kindly. That's I tinking too.


thanks to you too. Anyway, I decided not to apply for that "oportunity".Thank you again!

thank you too!

Thank you dor your kind words and reply.