How long does it take to get an HK ID?


I am a (Chinese) US citizen, but I am planning to move to HK.  The HK Immigration told me via email that I am qualified to get a HK ID due to the fact my parents are Chinese, born from China and that my father currently lives in Beijing (with my father flying in to prove for me and he has a HK id). They told me that I need to get verified first for the eligibility for a HK id which takes about 6 weeks. After I get verified that I am eligible, do you know how long will the process of getting the HK ID take?

I had done several internships and have 1 year working experience in the marketing field with several MNC. I have very strong computer skills with Excel and most computer programs.  I speak Native English, and I can read, speak, and write Chinese.  My Cantonese is pretty much local Cantonese because I lived in HK for 4 years when I was 6-10.  I can listen to Mandarin without any problem and pretty much can speak effectively.  I am planning to go to Beijing to learn more or master my Putonghua while I wait to receive my HK id so I can find and get a job in HK.

How are my chances of landing a decent entry level job? Should I teach English in Beijing for half a year (or is it a waste of time)? Or should I just jump right into looking to start my career (after I get my hk id)? Is it smart to go to an employment agency for help or applying on jobs sites are enough? How much do most entry level marketing get pay?

I plan to go to HK in June or late August and then drop off my application to the immigration since they said I have to be in HK while I drop off the application. After that, I will fly to Beijing for about two months and head back to HK to job search. Is this a valid plan?

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Can i get a HK ID Card after leaving HK for so long


I am wondering anyone out there can tell me how i can get my HK ID card.

I am born to British and Australian parents, i used to lived in HK since when i was 1 years old from 1969 till 1982, so i've been there more then 7 years, dont remember did my parents ever got me a student ID, both of them are passed away now.

I will be going back to HK to lived and find work possibly teaching or my old trade desktop publishing and printing, i speak fluent cantonese and have too many friends there, i've got two old school report from HK when i was young, is this good enough to get a HK Id card or do i need to find someone to sponsor me like a company.

I dont really want to do this every 3 months leaving the country.


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re: How long does it take to get an HK ID?


After I get verified that I am eligible, do you know how long will the process of getting the HK ID take?

Check out the Immigration page, Applications by People Aged 18 or Over. That shows there are three steps:

  1. Make an appointment for Appointment
  2. Attend the appointment
  3. Collect ID card

When I looked at the online appointment booking system, it says it offers appointments in the next 12 working days, and then for collection they say processing takes up to 10 working days. So worst case would be 22 working days, or appx one month.

Your English/Cantonese/Putonghua language skills are a positive, so if you're any good at marketing you should have a good chance. Try anything to get a first job and get started - agencies and websites are good, but work on meeting people and letting them know you're looking too.

Will you have a visa that allows teaching English in Beijing? It isn't going to help your marketing career, but it can help pay the bills if you're interested in staying in BJ for a few months. Or you might just spend the time in BJ polishing up your Putonghua.

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re: Can i get a HK ID Card after leaving HK for so long


Maybe you'll meet the requirements in point D for Right of Abode? But I'm not sure if that applies to people who were here as dependents. Best option is to call / email the immigration dept.

Please let us know what you find out.

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Hong Kong ID

I am in a similar situation, born in China, lived in HK 1963-1980.  You should have an old Hong Kong ID as well as a long expired CI, which should be enough proof.  I got my expired ID in 1984 during the only visit I made back to HK.