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I am originally from Macau. I completed and CPA in Sydney and have worked a few years as an accountant in an investment bank. I hold an Australian and Macau SAR passport. I am contemplating the possibilities of moving to work in HK for a few years. I am predominately looking for similar jobs in HK. During my job search, I start to feel concerned about the likelihood of employers preferring an expat like me to a HK local. What is the current trend and norm these days? Are expats like me with a few years accounting/ bank experience in demand in HK market at all?

I am going on a holiday in HK this Christmas, should I start sending out CVs to agents now to secure an interview opportunity when I am there? Who are the main players in recruitment?

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re: Australian passport holder work in HK


I don't work in that field, but it doesn't seem likely there's a great shortage of people in Hong Kong 'with a few years accounting/ bank experience'.

You'll either get a job because you've got great skills that noone else has, or because a friend / relation is trying to help you out. The first approach looks less likely, the second takes some time. One idea could be to use option #5 here to spend some time in HK and get the connections.

Yes, some phone calls to recruiters, followed by visits when you're here at Christmas would be a good way to get a second opinion.

Good luck, and please let us know how it turns out.

Regards, MrB