Etched memories of the 70's/80's in HK

On Arrival: driving from old Kai Tak airport with my new boss and my family to Princess Margaret Hospital in Mei Foo Sun Cheun. White plasted buildings turning grey with green mold patterns - I thought I had come to the rotting Empire!

Wandering around Tsim Sha Tsui in search of some fast food for our first evening meal - everything was top speed, vendors and taxis and the bright lights dazzled.

That tantalizing smell of mold permeating the hotel rooms via the aircon system - very oriental!

Hot rain - never experienced that before as I meandered to the Star Ferry and a trip to HK Island to meet the CEO.

Having my tobacco pouch deftly lifted from my back pocket mistaken for a wallet! - hope he liked the tobacco!

The smartly dressed man about town [gweilo] in ironed shorts and knee length white stockings!

My first cup of tea from the company ah mah - no sugar or milk - healthier no doubt but didn't hit the spot!

The joy of discovering the Mariners Club and the option of european food and white shirted/black trousered waiters. It eased us in more gently until the feasts of Hong Kong cusine started!