Up to Date Hong Kong Visa & Immigration Information (Free)


Down the years you have been referring your site members to the Hong Kong Visa Handbook which is posted on the Emigra.com.hk website. I originally wrote this book in 1996 and after I sold the company in 2006 it has not been updated at all since then. It’s basically five years out of date.

Earlier this month I finished a 9 month long project to update the book for the modern internet. It is located at http://www.hongkongvisahandbook.com/hong_kong_visa_handbook_2011_a_guide_to_immigration_employment_investment_work_permit_and_residency_applications.html.

 It is a 100% free, no-registration-required website and in bringing the Visa Handbook up to date I have used all current technologies to make it alive, useful and relevant. It includes movies, audio discussions, downloadable templates, PDFs and a whole lot more. I know that good sites are always look to discover great online resources so I thought I’d let you know directly that it is now available, 100% free and bang up to date.



Stephen D Barnes