Bringing a Dog from Canada to Hong Kong??

Is there any problem with bring a dog from Canada to HK?? Has anyone done this and is it difficult to set up??

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bringing dogs into hong kong

i've used export-a-pet (for outward journeys) but they also handle inward ones..and they were excellent

contact them on ... and their website also has some great info -

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More on pets in Hong Kong

In addition to Fiona's helpful information, I'll just repeat here the answer I gave to a similar question some time ago here on our batgung discussion board:

The information you need is at this HK Government web page.

On that screen, you need to click the "Pet animals" option, then keep following the obvious options, i.e. "Import of pet animals and birds", then "Import of dogs and cats" on succeeding screens. The site even has a little applet you can enter your pet's vital info into to see if it's eligible to enter HK.

Frankly, the process looks a bit daunting, but I wouldn't know if it's that's hard in practice. Readers, any experiences here?

What I do know a great deal about is keeping a dog in Hong Kong. Mrs Tall and I kept a German Shepherd for years, till we had to put him down a couple of years ago. I don't know whether I'd recommend keeping a dog that large here again. If your dog is accustomed to being outdoors and having space to run, it'll no doubt have a tough time adjusting to life in a small flat. But lots and lots of people in HK have dogs, by no means all small ones, and given the life of a pampering-and-adoration-sponge our big dog had, it's certainly not impossible, or even cruel, I think.

What you'll need to worry about are of course where you'll be able to take your dog to do the business, whether or not members of your household will be around home enough to make sure this can happen, and so on. I think the important thing is making sure the dog doesn't have to spend too much time indoors alone.

Oh, and there are very good pet stores/kennels, etc. available here. I particularly recommend Ferndale Kennels.

They may be able help you with the importing as well.

Anyway, good luck, and let us know how it goes.

Mr Tall


Thank you Mr. Tall. We really appreciate the information and caution.


bring dog to HK from CANADA.. URGENTTT HELP!!!

i am plannin to bring my dog back to hk as well. actually i've been awnting to do that since last year, but i have faced many obstacles. maybe you guys can help me out?? my dog has lupus diesease which means his immune system does not work at a normal rate , his white blood cells are not to the standard due to irresponsible vet i had before giving him too many rabies shot. i've been told by the health and animal regulation group in hk that my dog must get a rabies shot when he arrives to hk no exception. Eventho my holistic vet have written him a letter and proves that my dog would not be infected with rabies as his shot is still valid til this may 2006. now if my dog does get a shot in hk when he gets there, his immune system will go down again (he has gotten so much better already for the past 2 years) andd there might be a chance of him dying. I have talked to the vet in hk and the health and aniaml group in hk and they said the best thing is not to bering him back?? that sounds a little bit crude, knowing that the dog will get ill and there's a possibliltiy of him dying they still insist of the rabies shot. Do you guys anywhere i can make a special request for this case for them to make an exception? i love my dog so much that i can't bare to leave him here nor to have him go on a 14 hr plane ride and then have him suffer cus they give him the needle. thanks so much .

sorry to be discouraging

. . . but if you've already contactected the Agriculture and Fisheries department and been told you're not getting an exception, I don't have any alternatives to suggest.

In any case, even if your dog got a reprieve from the rabies shot till May, he'd have to have the standard ID chip implanted upon arrival, and you'd be legally bound to get him a rabies shot within a few weeks anyway.

Sorry I can't help solve your dilemma, but I have some sympathy for the AFCD here: your dog is foreign to HK, and getting regular rabies shots is very much standard procedure in developed countries. The well-being of a single dog can hardly be the AFCD's priority; they're charged with keeping extremely deadly diseases like rabies out of HK.

Mr Tall

Hi we brought our dog here

Hi we brought our dog here in 1997. He had to stay in quarantine for two weeks outside in August. That nearly killed him! I think it is just too hot here for dogs. Our dog was 11 when we brought him. The flight from Canada was very hard on him too. The vet recommended not to give him a tranquiller. We lived in Discovery Bay so there were places we could walk the dog however the security people were always following us around and shouting at us. I think they are more used to dogs there now. I guess what I am trying to say is that flats are small, weather is brutal and for the well-being of your dog, you may want to consider the quality of his life that he has here. I really don't think that Hong Kong is a very dog-friendly place. good luck, whatever your decision, pp

Moving a dog in and out of hk

I have taken dogs in and out of hong kong from hk to uk and back with no problems. I recommend export a pet. I think that taking your dog with you is always the best option the flight may be a little stressful but the dog would rather come than be abandoned or rehomed. Whilst I don't think that bringing a puppy cold weather dog eg husky/Akita to hk is very responsible especially as there are so many dogs needing rescuing already here, if it is an older dog that you already own then it should come. I actually think that hk is a dog friendly place, maybe not central and midlevels, but get out if you go to any of the outlying islands your dog can roam free as there are no cars so take lots of weekend hiking trips with him it's actually easier than the uk as on the car free islands you never have to worry about where the next road crosses the path. You will need a muzzle to go on the ferry. As my dog goes in and out he doesn't get the rabies injection every time on the way in, but by hong kong law he does have to have it every three years and I have a certificate proving that the antibody level from the vaccination is high enough. You must have this done six months before you travel but once done so long as all the vaccinations are kept up to date it remains current.