Is that a gun in your pocket ?

Extensive demographic profiling shows that regular visitors to Batgung (yes, all three of you) own guns, and live within a twenty-mile radius of Philadelphia. We didn't pay for this profiling, but a recent e-mail to Mr Tall made it clear to us. It started well :

> I have recently come across your site and liked it very much.
> I suppose that the visitors of our resources belong to the same
> social group and my site could be useful for your audience so I
> suggest to exchange our links.

Sounds good so far. A new Asian support group for balding white guys perhaps ? Not quite...

> My site is dedicated to guns.
> I hope that our subject as well as your site info will evoke mutual
> interest of our visitors.

Aw, what the heck, we batgung are generous folks - and whoever wrote this e-mail obviously has a lot of guns. So, next time you're at a loose end in Eastern America, pay a visit to :


Its all over....

Every idiot in town (i.e. webmaster) is going around aggressively trying to get links from other sites... because it supposedly makes them popular in the eyes of Google.

You should see some of requests we get on GeoBaby/Expat.

By the way... when can we (a bunch of folks who visit batgung regularly.. ok two of us) buy you folks a drink or three?

Re:Is that a gun in your pocket ?

A good idea Shri.

Occasionally, bloggers get together, a few drinks with the thinkers on this site would be a great idea.

Re:Is that a gun in your pocket ?

We do a fair number of happy hours in LKF... including a few with old timers from slashdot.

Nick (is that you?) from HKClubbing.Com also wants to put a happy hour together.

Queens might be bringing their $10/beer happy hour special back...

Re:Is that a gun in your pocket ?

oops .. that was me.

Re:Is that a gun in your pocket ?

Hi Shri, thanks for the offer. I'll pass for the moment - my evening entertainment these days revolves around getting home in time to give Baby B a bath.

Aiyaa, turning down a free beer, must be getting old !

Cheers, MrB

Re:Is that a gun in your pocket ?

MrB ..

We do have a dads club going out on Friday evenings -- with a 8ish curfew. Drop me a line and let me know when you want to relive your young and wild days when you could actually go out for happy hour! :D