Investment property

hi i'm looking to purchase a hk property as a investment with longterm capital growth in mind +rental income, my problem is which part of hk to buy? budget of between £60-90k.

HK Property or REIT?

Have you read the Accomodation section, and especially the "Where in Hong Kong should I live?" article? Those should give you some ideas.

Since your budget is in pounds, I guess you are writing from the UK? I'm curious to hear why you're looking at HK property rental as an investment.

If you are expecting capital growth + rental income, it sounds as though you are expecting to buy a flat for £60-90k without a mortgage? That seems optimistic, so I wondered whether you'd already seen some possible flats at those prices?

Do you have relatives in Hongkong that will be taking care of finding tenants and dealing with any problems that arise?

In recent months a couple of REIT funds have been launched in Hongkong. You might also consider those as an alternative way to invest in HK property without having to manage it.