How long to stay in HK

Hi. This question may have been answered before, but i'll ask anyway... i'm thinking of heading to Hong Kong near the end of May or early June as a last stop before i head back home to Canada. I was wondering how long i should stay in Hong Kong for. I've heard 5 days is enough. Im not too into the shopping aspect but that can easily change i suppose. I would also love to do some hiking (which is how i found this page in the first place :D ). Anyway, i was initially thinking of staying around two weeks... but if it's gonna be expensive (i heard temporary accomodations can be expensive) and 5 days is more than enough to take in everything... then i might just head somewhere else (im thinking Philippines). As im writing all this i realize that lots of people who post here have been living in HK for quite some time now... so i take it that HK is a pretty great place. So what do you guys think? 2 weeks is too long to tour Hong Kong?
Any advice would be great...

how long in hong kong

I think Hong Kong is great, as you might have gathered from material on this site, but I'll be blunt: two weeks here as a tourist is definitely too much. Five days sounds about right to me, in fact, especially since late May/early June is one of the very wettest times of year here (it's hot, too), and is unlikely to afford too many good days for hiking.

You could find enough things to do in HK for two weeks, but you'd be missing out on many, many other options in this part of the world, and you'd probably save money by going somewhere else for a while, unless you really slummed it here in HK.

The Talls have just returned from a week in Phuket, in southern Thailand (hence my posting hiatus). SE Asia is resplendent with beach resorts -- I like Thailand the best, but Malaysia, the Philippines, Bali and so on all have good ones. If you're more into history/heavy Chinese cultural impact, I'd advise a trip up to Beijing, which packs a tremendous punch in terms of Things To See in these areas.

In any case, enjoy your trip, and post again if you've got any other questions.