Teaching job for High School Spanish Teacher?

I am considering an offer to move to Hong Kong to run a sales office for the next 3 years. My wife is a High School Spanish Teacher in Colorado, USA. She has her Masters in Education and 10 years experience? Any insight on whether or how she'd be able to find a teaching job in Hong Kong?

Does it have to be Spanish?

The local language schools are always advertising for English teachers, so I think she'd be able to find work there easily.

If she wants to keep doing what she's doing now, the HKIS is a local school following a US curriculum, so they'd be worth contacting - http://www.hkis.edu.hk/

There is also a Spanish Society here (can't find a website, just a postal address: GPO Box 11751, Hong Kong), that could be worth contacting to see if they have any info about private Spanish tuition.

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The English Schools

The English Schools Foundation, which runs a number of high schools throughout H.K., might also be a good bet, as I know they do teach Spanish:


Their major recruitment drive is in Jan/Feb but they also advertise from time to time in the South China Morning Post:


You might find something else from the SCMP too.

other possibilities

New Method College advertised just the other day for native English speaking teachers


Thanks for the tips, I'll

Thanks for the tips, I'll get the wife to check out the websites right away.

Spanish in Hong Kong

I run a small agency of Spanish Tutors in London. And I am thinking in making a move to Hong Kong at the beginning of next year. I am wondering if there is a market for private Spanish Tuition to expand my business there. Or any possibilities to get a job as a Spanish Teacher?

I believe the chance is not

I believe the chance is not bad. Parents are sending their kids to third language classes (after Chinese and English)and Spanish has become increasing popular over the past 2 years. I also sent my 6 year old son to Spanish classes for a couple of months in the beginning of this year and then for another 6 weeks of Spanish lessons this summer. He has learnt quite a number vocabularies but because he has been learning in a small group, he was easily distracted by other kids and couldn't pay attention at times. Private Spanish tuition should be an alternative for the less focused kids if they want to learn Spanish seriously.

Looking for a job in Hong Kong

I am a peruvian living in Korea now, i am strongly thinking to move to Hong Kong next year, i speak english, spanish and russian, i was working as a teacher of spanish in St Petersburg (Russia) and working with conversation groups as well. if someone has an offer please write me to magomez@mail.ru
Miguel Angel

I'm considering to send my

I'm considering to send my girl to learn Spanish and / or French soon.

May I have any advice on where to take the class and the about fee pls?

Thanks v much.


Hola, I am fluent in Spanish, English, and Cantonese, are you looking for learning Spanish, I can help



small group Spanish tutoring

Interested to teach Spanish for a group of 4 (all aged 11)? Pls. reply to Doris: dorismui1997@yahoo.com


Spanish native teacher

Hola a todos!

I'm teaching in a school in Kowloon and also offering private classes. So if you're looking for a native Spanish teacher contact me at thespanishteacherhk (at) gmail (dot) com


Hola! I'm looking for a

Hola! I'm looking for a Spanish teacher who will teach my daughter privately during the summer holidays.Any teachers interested can contact me at lkkaitlyn@yahoo.com.hk