So what should I know?

My husband just accepted a teaching position with Hong Kong International School in Tai Tam. He must report to duties at school by the beginning of august and we are short on preparation time for moving, etc. What do I need to know about coming to Hong Kong--the crash course. How do I find a moving company? How do I find a good HK hospital (I will be seven months pregnant by the time we fly over the end of July) We are also bringing our 1.5 year old son.

Any pointers anyone? I am so proud of my husband for this awesome opportunity, but quite nervous about all the details to take care of in the USA before being "ready." I haved moved internationally once before--from the states to Indonesia...however the whole moving process (I hope) was totally different than I expect it will be in HK--we had to pay bribes at every turn--even to the docking company and Indo officials just to get our things we shipped over.

Thanks for any tips!

Megan Ferrin

No bribes needed

For some ideas to get you started check the 'Hongkong info' links at top right of this page.

Also, congrats re the new baby - some related info on that here.

Regards, MrB

Hi Megan Hong Kong is a very

Hi Megan
Hong Kong is a very expensive city to live. But fortunately, other than the rent you are paying is very high. The majority stuff such as furniture, clothes, food are very cheap compare to the US. I brought a L-shape couch for US$800 last time when I was in Hong Kong. I'll have to spend at least $2500 if I buy it here in US. So you can always find a way if you are running out of time to pack. There are many moving company will delivery from door to door. Have the school provide you a list of few transportation companies. Contact their US office and they will help you out. I know a few if you need some help.

For hospital advise, you have to made decision whether you wanted to give birth in a private or public hospital. If the insurance will cover you, go ahead to pick a private one. I think for a c-section is about HK$30,000. I don't have the latest info for that.

Good luck.

KK's Mom

Choice of private hospital

Choice of private hospital is more dictated by the ObGy that you follow. If the ObGy usually uses hospital A, then you go to hospital A.

Matilda hospital is the most international orientated (private).

As for public hospitals, they do have a decent standard of care. However, the cultural experience may be very different and your expectations may probably be mismatched to what they can provide.

In public hospitals, you do not have a choice of a particular ObGy. You will be under a particular team of doctors. This makes building of a doctor-patient relationship more difficult as you may see a few doctors in the same team.


In a public hospital if you have a normal labour and delivery you will be cared for by the midwives on duty.

The most common form of pain relief in HK hospitals is "gas and air".

Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kowloon is particularly progessive. Here is OB-Gyn and Midwifery information from QE.

If I ever had another baby, I would go to Queen Elizabeth.

Free help over here

Hong Kong resources for Expat:

Try to quote a price first stating your requirements, but I recommend Santa Fe Relocations Hong Kong because it's a popular company for the local middle class.

Yes, Matilda Internationak Hospital is good, but very expensive (if you can afford, no problem, check prices first by phone.

By the way, do you need to find an apartment? What's your budget and expectation? If you need any free advice email