Girlfriend Working in HK

hi, i have been offered a great role in HK, however i have a long term girlfriend who i currently live with and have been with for some time(>2yrs). She is heavily into her career and will only move up early next year after her bonus. What is the status of her moving without a job(ie being transferred) and being able to 1. get a visa(she has a degree etc.)ie is there a defacto staus in hk for dependants 2. get a she is white.
Any help much appreciated.

Wife working in HK

1 > See Q4 & 5 at - in HK Government's eyes, 'dependant' means spouse. So, it's decision time!

2 > Don't think the colour is a problem, more the language abilities. She'll be able to find work, though not necessarily what she is doing now. Any chance her current company has an office or customer/supplier here they could recommend her to?